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MylesDay 2016 continues the tradition established for the first MylesDay, held all those years ago back in 2011, in that the format is fluid (a polite way of saying disorganised).

We do have a venue (The Palace Bar) and a time (3:00pm on Friday April 1st, 2016), which is the blank sheet of paper we hope you Friends of Flann will fill in on our behalf.

Would you like to recite your favourite piece from the works of The Master? Note:  the right to recite “A Pint of Plain” will be allocated by lottery.

Even better, is there a small piece you could perform, either in English or as Gaeilge?

Is there somebody who we simply must have along on the day?

Is there something we really gotta oughta do?

Do you have any Myleseana to bring along? Note: we already have an oversupply of black bicycles, no more required.

Or do you just want to sit back, with a pint of plain porter and a ball of malt, and soak up the atmosphere of a day you are sure to be telling your grandchildren about?

Let us know! All comments & contributions welcome, either in the comment section below, or to: (yes, we know, it says “2011” in the email address – just go with it, it really is being held in 2016, OK?)

Or it you like, call +353 87 2414 788 (and don’t be surprised if someone called John answers).


§ 7 Responses to Contact Us

  • Micko says:

    As a man whose own brother (who couldn’t look at an egg) owned a bar called Jem Casey’s in Figueres (of all places) I feel a Catalan version of “The Workman’s Friend” may be in order!

    • mylesday says:

      Micko, while we at Mylesday condone such matters, in no wise, in this case we must concur: a Catalan version of “The Workman’s Friend” would be apposite Unfortunately we lack the necessary, ahem, catalanic skills to perform the operation. Would the brother be capable?

  • John Teeling says:

    Do you want some Kilbeggan Malt WHISKEY , distilled in Kilbeggan ? Was his Father Not the Revenue Man in Kilbeggan ?

  • John Teeling says:

    Are you interested in getting Malt WHISKEY distilled in Kilbeggan for the CELEBRATIONS IN THE Palace Bar on 1st. April.
    We believe that Myles father worked as the Customs Man at the Lockes Distillery in Kilbeggan where this Malt Whiskey has been distilled. We would be more than happy to sponsor the Malt Whiskey Tasting for the Day at the Myles Day celebrations on 1st. April in the Palace Bar.
    John Teeling (Chairman of Cooley Distillery )

  • Sean Brophy says:

    Flann was famous for his puns and a party piece of mine involves one of these tales. Do I just show up or is prior booking required?

  • Frank Bouchier-Hayes says:

    As a relative of mine featured in several Cruiskeen Lawn columns most notably in the concluding remarks to that of Jan 10th 1946 (Never forget year ago went to Bouchier-Hayes. He looks me over, checks the valves, connects my arm with his clock be means of a rubber gadget. Myles, says he, I have bad news for you can you take it? Go ahead I said Doctor I’ve stood worse than that. Myles, me dear man, says he, I regret to inform you that you have forty more years to live! Would you believe me I nearly passed out, there and then!) I look forward to raising a glass or two to Myles and his extremely optimistic doctor at the Palace on the day in question.

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