Mylesday 2016 is a continuation of the annual commemoration of the life & works of the late, great, Flann O’Brien, Myles na Gopaleen and Brian O’Nolan.

Mylesday 2016 will be held in the Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin, from 3:00 on Friday 1st April, 2013. “A Friday?” says you, “but what about work?”. “Cool your boots, laddie”, says Mylesday, “Do you think a small issue like work would have prevented Flann himself from attending the Palace Bar of an afternoon?”.

Along with the assembled glitterati, we are hoping that you, the Plain People of Ireland, will overcome your inherent shyness, and come along to contribute your own favourite pieces from the works of Myles.

Please register your interest in coming along on the day, along with any suggestions for how we can give the day a more Mylesean flavour.


§ 5 Responses to About

  • Terry Glavin says:

    As long as I am not obliged to look at an egg.

  • Sara B. says:

    Just a note, since I won’t be there in the personification of my personage, about de Selby’s theory that night, far from being caused by the commonly accepted theory of planetary movements, was due to accumulations of ‘black air’ produced by certain volcanic activities of which he does not treat in detail.

  • Shane Hayes says:

    I plan to come on my bicycle. Is there bicycle parking outside and what are the chances of being clamped.

    I ask only as I am a bit worried that some of my molecules are now in the bike.


  • paul nugent says:

    Hope you to join you in the Palance for a couple of Pints of Plain (for myself and The Brother)

  • Joe English says:

    I’m worried about the gathering, but as long as it is managed better than council meetings we should be OK. What happens to blows at a council meeting? It looks as if they might be exchanged! What does pandemonium do? It breaks loose, Describe its subsequent dominion, It reigns, How are allegations dealt with? Hotly, What is the mean temperature of an altercation,therefore? Heated, What is the behaviour of a heated altercation? It follows. What happens to order? It is restored, Alternatively, in what does the meeting break up? Disorder. What does the meeting do in disorder? Breaks up, In the what direction does the meeting break in disorder? Up! In what direction should I shut? Up!

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