All this for free? You spoil us, Mr MylesDay.

March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, MylesDay 2012 does have an expanded and updated list of performers already committed.

We’ve still got room for others. If you would like to get involved and read a favourite piece, contact us at

Confirmed for MylesDay 2012 are:
Val O’Donnell – Literary Pretentions
Val O’Donnell – Myles Miscellaneous Musings
Peter Prior – The Mollycule Theory
Tim Casey – Trink
Tim Casey – Intoxicating Ice Cream
Tim Casey – The Opposite of Drink
Ann Russell – “Suppose”
Ann Russell – “Shookra”
Louis O’Byrne – De Potato
Jim Butler – Bores
Aidan Jordan – The Brother (Nose, Bag, Charlies Kidneys, Egg and The Abbey)
Aidan Jordan – “Why worry” from Bother with Brother
Ed O’Loughlin – The Plain Tweeters of Ireland
James Stafford – At Swim-two-Birds
Jack Lynch – The Speech at the Gaelic Feis
Jack Lynch – The Gaelic Language
Owen O’Gorman – The Brother (Egg, Seal, Nose)
Owen O’Gorman – Father, Dear Father
PJ Cregg – WAAMA
Arthur Riordan – Bores or Cathecism of Cliché
Nuala Roche – The Poor Mouth
Tony McGaley – Paddy’s Trip to Hell


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