Myles na Gopaleen Centenary Quiz

March 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

So you think you know your Myles?  Now is your opportunity to prove it, to amaze your friends and silence your enemies with a display of the depth of your Mylesian knowledge.

All attending the Mylesday celebrations (in the Palace Bar, Fleet Street from 2:00 on Friday 1st April) will be invited to compete in the MylesDay Centenary Quiz.

As well as being acclaimed by your peers with the honorific “Most Mylesian”, there will also be prizes in the form of bottles of fine Irish Whiskey, kindly donated by our friends in the Cooley Distillery.

To give you a flavour of what will be involved, here are some sample questions:

Q: In ‘The Third Policeman’ we learn ‘Of all the many striking statements made by de Selby, I do not think that any of them can rival his assertion that “ a journey is_______________”.

Q: What is the last line of  ‘The Third Policeman’?  Clue: It involves  a question.

Q: In WAAMA, what place is it suggested that ‘he is a great man for going to______’?

Q: Complete the following bore – The man who is his own______

Time to get swotting!


§ One Response to Myles na Gopaleen Centenary Quiz

  • P J Cregg says:

    Begob, I think I know the answers to some of those…

    The man who is his own dentist, barber, estate agent…there seems to be no limit to that one…

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