Big Literary Beast Breaks Cover

March 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Here at Mylesday, we are delighted that the big literary beasts of the Irish scene are adding their not inconsiderable weights to the already unstoppable momentum behind the Mylesday celebrations.

Now Ed O’Loughlin, dapper man-about-town and Friend of Flann, who was long-listed for the Man Booker prize for literary fiction in 2009 (a UK prize, but not to be regarded as any the less prestigious for that) has added his name to the glittering array of literati committed to attending Mylesday, on the 1st April, in the Palace Bar.

Ed’s latest novel is scheduled to be published on 31st March (the day preceding Mylesday remember) after which he will be rushed in the MylesCopter to attend the inaugeral Mylesday celebrations, showing a dedication to porter that would surely be appreciated by The Master himself.

At Mylesday we say, a pint of plain for that man!


§ One Response to Big Literary Beast Breaks Cover

  • The Plain People of Ireland says:

    Well honestly! Isn’t he a wonderful man altogether. Did you say he wrote for the Abbey too?

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